Bi-Aura Foundation

The new international head quarters of the Bi-Aura Foundation is located near Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Bi-Aura is a registered Trademark, which can only be used by members of the foundation and ensures all members are insured, work to a consistent and high professional standard and follow the code of ethics.

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Bi-Aura Foundation Mission Statement

To welcome each individual into a friendly, safe and professional space to facilitate their healing process.

To honour the individual and accompany them without prejudice or judgment and undertake their journey to wholeness and physical health.

To encourage each individual into conscious awareness of their limitless potential for self healing and joyful living.

"What the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve"

"I see it when I believe it"

"People don't grow old. When they stop growing they become old"


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